Every sport has training components athletes need to properly develop that are essential to improve their performance. Some of these important components are not just specific to that sport but are focused on strength and conditioning practices. Without both physical training and sports specific training, it would be quite difficult for athletes to be able to reach their level best. Here’s why:

Understanding Baseball Training

Baseball specific training is very important for all baseball players to not only improve their game, but to keep their bodies healthy from injuries. An athlete might have natural talent for baseball, but not getting the proper training can put a toll on their body in the future.

Baseball training and adapting the right techniques go hand in hand with each other. All athletes need a sport specific training process, but they also must tie proper techniques to make sure their body can keep up with the training that is happening. When a baseball player starts to strain a muscle because of repetitive stessor, that can make a major impact for the player down the road.

Baseball specific training allows athletes to improve strength on specific muscles that do not get a lot of attention with just general physical training.

Understanding Physical Training

Physical training is just as important to an athlete as specific baseball training. While athletes are focusing on improving their baseball abilities, they also need to build up their strength. This includes getting proper strength and conditioning practices. When athletes are ready to go to the Next Level, it is not just about improving performance, but also reducing the risk of injury. The stronger the body is as a whole, the changes of getting an injury decrease.

An athlete needs to build a base of strength to be able to start working on baseball specific techniques. Without physical training, athletes might not be able to get to that Next Level they hope to accomplish.

When Should I Be Doing Physical Training over Baseball Specific Training?

This really comes down to the level the athlete is at and whether they are in season or off season. Here are some examples: a kid is in his first few years of baseball, and he is excited to start moving to the Next Level. Since he is a younger baseball player, there will need to be a lot of general physical training to get his body the strength it needs to be a better pitcher or hitter. A younger player has years to build up his strength and learn to adapt to the proper techniques, so early development with general training is needed to allow younger athletes to be able to take full advantage of baseball specific training down the road.

If you think about a baseball player who has been playing for years and now wants to go to the next level post high school, they most likely have built up a foundation of strength that will allow them to improve their baseball abilities that might be needed for college baseball.

Next Step: Next Level Training

When an athlete can get a good baseball training process with both physical training and baseball specific training, they are on the right path to keep pushing to the Next Level. Our trainers here at Complete Athlete make sure all athletes are receiving the proper training that is needed for the Next Level while reducing the chances of injuries.