The thoracic spine is important for stability and helps our body stay upright. So why are we talking about it? Well… because it allows for athletes to keep their bodies healthy while improving their game. Good thoracic spine mobility allows athletes to properly lift things when they are training. It is crucial to be in proper position to decrease the chance of injury when deadlifting, squatting, or any training that can bring pressure to the spine.

Good Exercises to Improve Your Thoracic Extension

Athletes should be adding these exercises to their strength/warm up/cool down routines. Our trainers here at Complete Athlete make sure to add these stretches into our sessions, so book an initial evaluation today! If you have any question as to how to properly do these stretches, contact us today! Let us know if you think it would be beneficial for us to create videos on these stretches. We are always looking to help better athletes any way we can!

Foam Rolling

One of the best exercises to improve your thoracic mobility is to roll out all the muscles that seem to feel on the tight side after a good workout. Rolling out your back and chest will not only loosen the muscles but is a great stretch to improve your thoracic mobility.

Standing Chest/Back Exercise

This is a great exercise to stretch out your chest and shoulders. The best way to do this exercise is to find something to be able to grab behind you like the man in the photo. Standing up straight and having your arms extend will allow your chest to stretch.

Properly Stretch out Your Body

Training is important when you are looking to bring your skills and endurance to the next level, but stretching is just as important. Our trainers are ready to take you to the next level, so let’s make sure you are getting the proper stretching exercises to keep your body healthy for that Next Level!