How to Get Noticed From a Recruiter

The biggest takeaway from this article: The best approach for athletes to get recruited is to take charge themselves. Do not wait around for coaches to come to games or reach out first. As an athlete who hopes to play at the Next Level, you need to make that known to the recruiters. So take charge, and go after what you want.

Here are some good tops to catch their attention:

Create Content For Coaches

Throughout the season, start having someone record games. Capture moments that would be best to send off to a recruiter. This is a great way to show them how you play, what skills you excel in, and what kind of leader you are.

Maybe a recruiter comes to a game that wasn’t your best and now you feel you lost any chance to play for that school. Send them content of other games that do show the athlete and leader you are. This is your chance to have control on what you want them to see.

Start Engaging With Coaches

Maybe the coach from you top school you want to attend has not reach out or done anything to show interest in you. Sometimes that is a good thing and gives you the upper hand to make a first impression how you would like to. Most schools have a website with information to help you have access to coaches contact information. So now the question is: How do you plan to stand out to the coach? Do you plan to introduce yourself and send them a couple videos? Do you invite them to your next game? Being bold and showing passion is the best way to get a coach/recruiters attention.

Don’t Lost Communication

You want to stay on the recruiters radar, so keeping some form of communication going through out the year is a great way to show the recruiter how passionate you are about the sport. Sending them small clips of the game is agreat way to show them how committed you are.

If you are starting to get into the recruiting process and would like some help as to what would be good to send over to recruiters, our trainers here at Complete Athlete would be happy to have a conversation with you. They are very dedicated to help athletes get to that Next Level, so reach out to us today!