Rugby players lifting the teammate after winning the game. Rugby team celebrating the victory.

What defines a successful athlete? Maybe people would most likely give you a variety of answers, but they all seem to go down the same direction. What we believe a successful athlete is someone who can recognize their skills and abilities and strive to reach their max.

So what do you need to be a successful athlete?

Physical Training

One of the most important factors when striving to be the most successful athelte you can be is getting the proper training. Are you working your body too hard that will eventually lead to injury? Or do you need to push yourself a bit more to keep going in the right direction?

There needs to be a good balance between general training vs. sports specific training in your training sessions. While sports specific training is good to push your skills to the next level, you also need to make sure you have general training in there to keep your body healthy. Focusing too much on a specific workout could lead to strains or injury. Make sure you are working with a trainer that understands the balance between the two.

Positive Mentality

Having a negative mentality can be one of the biggest roadblocks when trying to become a successful athlete. All athletes are going to come across a moment where they feel discouraged or not good enough to go to the next level. The difference between an athlete and a successful athlete is how you take those situations and learn from them. Are you going to get upset and let the situation affect your game? Or are you going to learn from it and figure out how you can improve?

The mind is very powerful, and it can have a lot of impact on an athlete’s ability. If you can train your mind to take a negative situation and turn it into a positive learning curve, this will lead you down the path of success.


The type of diet an athlete has can also have an impact on their game. Everyone reacts differently to foods and how it makes them feel. This can be another roadblock if an athlete does not change their habits. Listen to your body. Take time to plan a good diet that makes you feel energized.

If you feel you need some guidance in one of these areas, our trainerss here at Complete Athlete would be happy to have a conversation with you! Reach out to us today!