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Our trainers will do an initial assessment right when an athlete starts with us, so we can get a baseline of their skills. The skills assessed are based off skills that tryout director’s and coaches at the high school, collegiate, and professional level will always measure. That way our trainers can deliver the best training possible with data driven goals in mind so parents and athletes can see the area’s that need improvement and how they can continue to improve such areas. We guarantee constant check-in’s every 10 session’s to see where the athlete is at.


Areas We Measure:

-Pitching Velocity

-Throwing Accuracy

-Outfield Throwing Velocity

-Across the Diamond Velocity

-Catcher Pop-Time

-Bat Exit Velocity

-Shuttle Run/ 60 Yard Dash

– General Strength Assessment (Pushup’s, Sit-ups, Wall Sits)