Postseason Speed & Strength Training

Purpose of Workout: 

The purpose of the post-season workout program is to provide all athletes an opportunity to get stronger in a safe and effective training program. We will be focusing on the core movement’s of the baseball athlete that will help player’s who participate run faster, jump higher, and create an explosive athlete.


Trainer: Zach Dykes



Block 2: October 31st -November 23rd, 2022

Block 3: November 28th-December 21st, 2022


Frequency: 2X/week (8 sessions total)


Who Should Attend: 9U-12U, 13U-18U


Cost: $200


Group Sizes: 6-8 Athletes


Times Available: Monday’s & Wednesday’s

9U-12U: 6:00pm-7:00pm 

13U-18U: 7:00pm -8:00pm


Location: NSC Sports Hall (October), NSC Sports Dome (November & December)

What’s Included in Program:
  • Baseball Specific Movement Workouts
  • Train Basic-up-to-Advanced Baseball Movements
  • Full Dynamic Warm-Up
  • Lower Body Strength (Hip Hinge, Glute & Hamstring Activation)
  • Core and Balance work
  • Upper Body Strength (Scapular Development, Pull Over Push Movement)
  • Speed Development (Foot Speed, Agility, Plyometrics)
  • Scapular Stabilization Exercises for Arm Care
  • Proper Squat Form Instruction
  • Baseball Core Work


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