PREseason Hitting Training

Purpose of Workout: 

To prepare the athlete for their upcoming season to perform optimally at the plate in order to exceed expectations. Helping players develop a winning edge and attitude at the plate.


Trainers: Mason Price, Brock Larsen, Sam Knight, Zach Voss



Block 6: February 27th – March 23rd



2X/week (8 sessions total), 1 session/week ($125.00 total for each block)



2 days a week

$250 Total for 1 Block

$475 total for 2 Blocks

$700 for all 3 Blocks 


Group Sizes: 4 Athletes


Times Available: 

Monday/Wednesday, Sunday



M Health Fairview Dome 

Key Points 

  • Teaching the hitter to stay behind the baseball
  • Developing a consistent approach at the plate/solidifying hitting mechanics 
  • Increasing power at the plate
  • Developing an effective mental mindset at the plate 
  • Having Fun!


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