Preseason Pitching Training

Purpose of Workout: 

The purpose of the pitching program is to help your baseball athlete gain velocity and teach proper throwing mechanics. This program is meant for any player that is looking to improve velocity behind their throw. This is not just meant for pitcher’s only but also outfielder’s and infielder’s who want more arm strength.


Trainers: John Carlson & Gabe Kastenmeier

Dates: March 29th – April 19th, 2022

Frequency: 1X/week

Who Should Attend: 9U-13U, 14U-18U

Cost: $130 for 1 session/week

Group Sizes: 4 players

Times Available: Tuesday

6-7 pm, 7-8pm

Location: NSC Sports Dome

What’s Included in Program:

– Dynamic Warm Up Routine

– Proper Stretching and Foam Roll Muscle Release

– Arm Strength and Mechanical Patterning

– Increasing Throwing Range of Motion

– Driveline Plyo Ball Training

– Weighted Ball Training Program 

– Proper Post Recovery Exercises from Throwing

– Daily Throwing Schedule


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