Summer Skills & Strength Program

During our summer session, all athletes will receive top of the line instruction on correct form and feedback on improvement throughout the summer long program. The Complete Athlete Summer Strength and Skills program will teach all athletes how to squat, lunge, hinge, push and pull with minimal load. 


The Complete Athlete in-season arm maintenance program is designed to help the in-season athlete not only prevent injury from occurring but also developing arm strength and maintaining arm health through their season. We will be utilizing the full Jaeger Band Long Toss Program which includes proper warm-up, Jaeger band arm strengthening exercises, full long toss routine, and proper recovery exercises after each session. This portion of the program will be the first 20 minutes of each session.


Session 1:

June 14th- June 30th, 2022 

Session 2:

July 12-July 28th, 2022

Session 3:

August 16th-September 1st, 2022

Ages: 9U -12U, 13U – 16U

Cost: $175 each session

Additional Cost: $45 for Jaeger Bands, only for new players that do not currently have one



Frequency: 2 days a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays


Lakeside Lions Park 

3032 Hillview Road NE, Spring Lake Park, MN 55432

What’s Included: 

-Warm-Up Routine

-1 hour full body workout

-1 hour baseball skills development

-Lower Body Strength ( Hip Hinge, Glute & Hamstring Activation)

-Core and Balance Work

-Upper Body Strength (Scapular Development, Pull Over Push Movement)

-Speed and Power Development w/assessments

-Total Body Strength Training

-Jaeger Band Long Toss Program (throwing mechanics)

-Baseball skills development (hitting mechanics, fielding mechanics)

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